Renovations and Extentions

Redefining living experiences beyond just extra space

Renovations and extensions are not just about adding more room; they are about redefining and enriching the human experience. Whether it’s re-imagining an existing space or creating new ones, our focus is on your home extension will enhance and nourish your lifestyle. We strive to create spaces that are not only functional and beautiful but also deeply resonate with your way of living.

Our building design services for extensions and renovations elevate your home into a space that’s uniquely yours.

Your vision, our mission

At Barnes & Matina, we understand that renovating to increase space is more than just a construction project – it’s a transformative journey that deeply impacts lifestyles and experiences. We place immense value on working closely with you to bring your architecturally designed renovation vision to life, ensuring that every step we take together is in harmony with your aspirations.

As specialists (and locals) in the Hobsons Bay suburbs and inner Maribyrnong areas from Williamstown to Yarraville, we value the historical facades that give these established village-style areas their character and appeal. We are experienced in delivering extensions that meet heritage overlay, requirements while also integrating contemporary designs. Whether you’re renovating a charming cottage in Newport or extending a retro weatherboard in Seddon, or adding extra room and light to a stately home in Willy, we seamlessly blend old with new, enhancing the best to suit your style.

Spaces that grow with you

Our commitment at Barnes & Matina is to deliver renovations that are tailored to your current and future needs. We understand that homes evolve with their inhabitants, and our renovations are designed to grow with you, adding value not just in terms of space but also in terms of quality of life and experiences.

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Ready to transform your space?

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