Heritage Overlay

Preserving History, Embracing Modernity

At Barnes Matina, we understand that dealing with a heritage overlay is a journey of respect and balance. These overlays, set by local authorities, are essential in protecting our cultural heritage and ensuring that the historical significance of properties is preserved while adapting to contemporary needs.  Our building design services paired with our architectural design expertise make us uniquely equipped to navigate these challenges.

Find out how we will guide you through your new build project with our New Build Process or take you through your Renovation and Extension journey with our Renovation and Extension Guide.

Blending Past and Present

Adapting a property under a heritage overlay often means using authentic materials and architectural styles that are in harmony with the historical context. While this may pose restrictions, it is a unique opportunity to contribute to the identity and richness of the community. At Barnes & Matina, we see this as a chance to create a meaningful dialogue between the past and present.  Our role as building designers specialising in heritage overlay advice ensures that every project respects its heritage while incorporating modern functionality at affordable costs within your budget.

With expertise (and as locals) in the Hobsons Bay suburbs and inner Maribyrnong areas from Williamstown to Yarraville, we treasure the character of the facades unique to these areas. Local homeowners appreciate period style homes and likewise the importance of protecting the link to previous eras. As specialists in architectural design, we are experienced in delivering renovations and extensions that meet heritage overlay requirements while also integrating contemporary styles. Whether you’re renovating a well-loved weatherboard in Newport, updating a majestic home near the shores of Williamstown, extending a retro cottage in Yarraville, or adding extra space to your home in Seddon, we unite present with past, enhancing the best of old times and new world to suit your style.

Starting out on a renovation or extension journey can bring about a myriad of questions, especially regarding the investment required. At Barnes & Matina, we understand that budgeting for your project is a key concern. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire page to help you navigate the complexities of costs associated with renovations and extensions. Learn more about how much renovations and extensions might cost and how we can help manage your project within your budget, ensuring a seamless blend of historic charm and modern living.

Ensuring Endurance and Relevance

Successfully managing a heritage overlay project is about finding the right equilibrium. It’s a meticulous process of ensuring that history endures while making spaces suitable for modern life. We take pride in our ability to creatively and respectfully bridge this gap, ensuring that our projects not only comply with regulations but also celebrate the story and character of the area. 

Whether your home design project is a partial knock down rebuild, an extension to add more space or a home renovation to optimise the areas you use the most, our team is dedicated to achieving the best outcome. Explore more HERE.

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Let's Preserve History Together

If you’re facing the complexities of a heritage overlay, let Barnes Matina guide you through our step by step process. We’re committed to preserving the past while designing a home for your future, ensuring your property becomes a testament to both history and modern functionality.

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