Scandinavian Elegance in Altona Townhouses

“Keeshan” in Altona, Victoria, reimagines suburban living with its twin townhouses, each boasting a Scandinavian-style facade. This knock-down rebuild project features flush-mount timber garages and cozy corner fireplaces, blending functional design with aesthetic simplicity.

Scandinavian style Townhouse, dual occupancy, duplex facade design, Altona, Victoria, Barnes Matina
fireplace and television living area, Altona, Victoria, Barnes Matina
kitchen sink and tap, Altona, Victoria, Barnes Matina

Scandinavian Facades & Harmonious Design

The “Keeshan” townhouses capture the essence of Scandinavian design: minimalism, functionality, and a connection with nature. Each facade is a masterpiece of clean lines and neutral colors, complemented by the innovative flush-mount timber garage, seamlessly integrating form with function.

Cozy Interiors, Contemporary Features

Inside, the corner fireplace becomes the heart of the home, offering warmth and a welcoming ambiance. This feature, coupled with the townhouses’ efficient use of space and natural light, creates an inviting, contemporary living environment, perfect for the modern family.

Floor plans