Balancing Heritage and Modernity

Heritage blue house
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Knock down rebuild, Heritage overlay red brick and white wood clad building with picket fence - Melbourne Australia
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In 2021, Roland and Sarah Beck embarked on a journey to create their dream home at 26 Davies St, Newport, Victoria. Faced with the challenge of residing in a heritage overlay area, they sought a solution that would harmoniously blend their modern tastes with the historical significance of the location. This case study delves into the collaborative efforts between the Becks and our firm to design their forever home.

Client Engagement and Selection:

Roland and Sarah selected our firm based on our expertise in navigating local regulatory requirements and our immediate rapport with them. Understanding the importance of preserving the character of the area while listening to their brief and desire for a contemporary dwelling, we were committed to delivering a solution that exceeded their expectations.

Project Scope:

The project encompassed the complete demolition of the existing post-war dwelling and the construction of a new home that would serve as the Becks’ forever residence. Despite the allure of relocating, the Becks were deeply attached to the Newport community and were determined to create their ideal living space in their cherished neighbourhood.


One of the primary challenges of the project was reconciling the clients’ modern preferences with the heritage overlay restrictions. The stringent regulations presented obstacles in implementing contemporary design elements while respecting the historical context of the area. However, our team embraced these challenges as opportunities for innovation and creativity.

Achieving Balance:

Through meticulous planning and thoughtful design considerations, we were able to achieve a delicate balance between a nod to heritage preservation and modern aesthetics. By incorporating architectural elements that paid homage to the area’s heritage forms while embracing contemporary design principles, we crafted a home that seamlessly integrated into its surroundings.

Client-Centric Approach:

Central to the success of the project was our unwavering commitment to the clients’ vision and journey. We collaborated closely with Roland and Sarah, ensuring their needs and aspirations were at the forefront of every decision. Our transparent communication and dedication to fulfilling their brief resulted in an outcome that surpassed their expectations.


The completion of the knock down rebuild project at 26 Davies St, Newport, stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between the Becks and our firm. By striking a balance between heritage preservation and modernity, we were able to deliver a home that not only reflects the unique character of the area but also fulfills the dreams of its occupants. This case study serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and client-centric design in achieving remarkable architectural solutions.